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Ctenophorus cristatus

CRESTED (Bicycle) DRAGON Ctenophorus cristatus REPTILES OF AUSTRALIA  
The mature male Crested Dragon above is from Eyre Peninsula South Australia.

Female and juvenile Crested Dragons are less colorful than adult males displaying breeding coloration.

Like many other species of dragons this species can run at high speed on its back legs.

The term Bicycle lizard (or dragon) is often used for lizards that run on their back legs in parts of Australia.


CRESTED (Bicycle) DRAGON Ctenophorus cristatus REPTILES OF AUSTRALIA
The Crested Dragon above is probably from Western Australia.
Ctenophorus cristatus was previously called Amphibolurus cristatus and is very common in some areas, where it lives in burrows.

CRESTED (Bicycle) DRAGON Ctenophorus cristatus REPTILES OF AUSTRALIA map


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