Covering Snakes and Lizards, Crocodiles and Turtles, including Colubrid snakes, Pythons, Elapids (called Cobras or Coral Snakes in some countries), Sea Snakes, File Snakes, Blind (or Worm) Snakes, Sea Turtles, Freshwater Turtles (or Tortoises), Dragon Lizards (Agamas), Gecko's, Legless Lizards, Monitor Lizards (often called Goanna's in Australia), Skinks and Crocodilia.



COLUBRID SNAKES - Colubridae Homalopsidae Mud Snakes

PYTHON SNAKES - Pythonidae

ELAPID SNAKES - Elapidae Cobras Coral Snakes

SEA SNAKES - Hydrophiinae Laticaudidae Sea Kraits

FILE SNAKES - Acrochordidae

BLIND SNAKES - Worm Snakes - Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops

Selection of Australian Frogs

TURTLES Tortoises Chelonii Testudines

DRAGON LIZARDS Agamas Agamidae


LEGLESS LIZARDS Pygopodidae Pygopods

MONITOR LIZARDS Goannas Varanids Varanidae

Skinks of Australia

CROCODILES Crocodylia Crocodilia Saltwater freshwater estuarine



About The Authors

   This site was created as joint effort between  John Hollister  of Texas, USA and  John Fowler  of South Australia, the site is now managed and maintained by John Fowler. Both of us have many years experience as avocational herpers. Over the years both of us have kept many species of herps and have taken many pictures.

     Most of the pictures are supplied by John Fowler, the pages were designed and built by John Hollister. Many of the pages are/will be written by us.  Help wanted!   If you feel qualified to write up a species that is not yet done or have pictures to contribute, please  go here  for more info..
     Many herpers dream of going to Australia to see their amazing reptiles but will never get the chance to do so. Finding good pictures and information on Australian herps is a tedious chore;  we hope to make this chore a lot easier by providing as much basic information and as many pictures as we can on one site. We want to make this the only stop necessary for Australian reptiles and reptile links.

      Our thanks and  credits  to others who have contributed to these pages the Australian reptile site.
     These pages are a work in progress. New pictures will be acquired, nomenclature will change, errors will be pointed out, and we doubt that the work will ever end.

TURTLES Tortoises Chelonii Testudines


Our thanks to those who have assisted in building this site. Owing to the massive scope of the project, it would not have been possible without their assistance.
IMPORTANT - if you have assisted in any way with this website, but your name does not appear in these credits, please let me know - I would love to include your details.

Originally Basic taxonomic data was taken from Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia by Harold G. Cogger, Reed Books Pty. Ltd., NSW, Australia

If your name has been accidently omitted, please let me know! - I'd love to add you :) and I can also add contact details and web site links etc if desired.


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Many of the original range maps were created by John Hollister, using data borrowed primarily from the same book, many of these maps have been modified over time often using data from Atlas of Living Australia and personal experience.

"A complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia" by Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan. Has also been used as a reference from time to time.
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A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia 5th edition Edition

Reference was also made to The Australian Reptile Online Database, the SPRAT database and to the Reptile Database


Our special thanks to those who have written pages for this site.

Adam Britton , PhD, for writing the pages for both the crocodile species, and supplying photographs, - check out his site CROCODILIANS: Natural History and Conservation



Our sincere thanks to those who have supplied photographs for this site.


Mark Hutchinson ( South Australian Museum - Curator of Herpetology) for supplying a list of the reptiles of South Australia, and for assisting in identification and nomenclature .

Harold De Lisle , PhD. for his work on the taxonomy of the monitors.

Danny Brown - For assistance in identification of lizards. Note that some photos on this website appear in his books.

Dr. Eric Pianka of the University of Texas for many fine photographs.
Check out his site at the University of Texas and Varanus of the Great Victoria Desert

David Williams   of Australia for python and elapid pictures, including photos of Taipans Scrub Pythons and Oenpelli Pythons

Dane Trembath for allowing me to photograph some of his reptiles.

John Weigel   of the Australian Reptile Park for allowing me to use some of his photos.

Brian Bush, Snakes Harmful or Harmless, for his pictures of various reptiles.

Matthew Bonnett   for numerous pictures.

David Roberts, for his photos of a Kimberley Death Adder

Carol Hedges for allowing me to use several of her photos including Swamplands Lashtail taken at Port Moresby and Two-spined Rainbow-skink (Carlia amax)

Gunther Schmida for taking me herping.

John and Helen Cann - For helping me in so many ways over the years.

George Cann Jnr. for taking me to some great herping spots in NSW.

Grant Husband for taking me herping, and accompanying me on many field trips, and for his assistance over the years, including allowing me to use some of his photos.

Harold Ehmann for his assistance in many ways over the years.

Julie Ward for supplying photos of Slater's Ring-tailed Dragons (Ctenophorus slateri)

Matt Little for the photo of the Northern Shovel-nosed Snake

Guy Pardy for some great photos of a large Yellow Spotted Monitor eating a Wallaby.

Erin Alexander for a photo of a West-coast Banded Snake (Simoselaps littoralis)

Nikolas Haass for the photo of a Northern Bar-sided Skink

James Domingues for photos of Cunningham Skinks and a Southern Water Skink

Lara Emerson for a photo of an Eastern Crevice Skink (Egernia mcpheei)

Tim Jackson - Photos including Hawksbill Turtles

W Packwood - for various pictures.

Pavel German for various pictures.

May-Le Ng for dragon photos.

JP Polikalepo for skink photos.

Tim Nias for photographs of various snakes and lizards

Antonia Pachmann for various reptile photographs

Niels Gruendel for various reptile photographs including Moritz's leaf-tailed gecko Saltuarius moritzi

Mark Sanders of EcoSmart Ecology for various reptile photographs

Richard Llewelyn for taking me herping in NSW.

Brad Maryan for assistance in identification.

Sam Rogers - For Long-nosed Water Dragon Photos

Geoff Chennells - Ringed Brown Snake

Kate Joy - supplied Burns Dragon Photos

Drew Smith for allowing me to photograph his animals.

Jack Velt for allowing me to photograph his animals.

Peter Quick for photograph of Jacky Lizard from Nadgee NSW

Note that most distribution maps were originally made by John Hollister and they have been modified updated or created by John Fowler

Permission is needed to use, (or copy our distribution maps), however it is OK to link directly to the whole page without permission.

Peter Child owner of Canberra Reptile Zoo and his staff for welcoming me to his zoo and assisting when taking photos.
Please visit the Zoo, they have a great selection of reptiles.

Our thanks also goes to all the reptile stores, zoos, wildlife parks and private keepers and anyone else that has assisted us in any way, including
Scales & Tails, Reptile City and Ultimate Reptile Supplies for allowing me to photograph reptiles.

Steve Crawford, at Prestige Pythons for allowing to use some of his photos, and for allowing me to photograph his reptiles that included Rough Scaled Pythons and Oenpelli Pythons

The Reptile Zoo California For allowing me to take photos of reptiles

The House of Reptiles - Jacksonville Florida

Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre Western Australia

West Australian Reptile Park

Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre WA

Chris Durward for allowing me to photograph his Perentie

Bev McGrane of Perth WA, for photo of Hemiergis quadrilineata

Peter Street - Photos of the Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake (Cacophis krefftii) and Arnhem Shovel-nosed Snake

Brian Levet - Photos of Southern Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops australis)

Daniel Hossack & Shawn Scott

Kerry Barnes for Pebble Dragon photograph

Lance Rathbone for allowing me to use his Black Rock Skink Photo

Graeme Gow Humpty Doo NT - for taking me herping around Humpty Doo.

Sue Gow Humpty Doo NT - For allowing me to take photos of her reptiles.

Tim Jackson - for supplying various reptile photos

David Kirshner - Photographs (including Lace Monitors) and for taking me and Rachel herping around Sydney.

Nansi Finch for Photos of the Southern Leaf Tailed Gecko (Saltuarius swaini)

C. Romine for various reptile photos

Peter Anderson - for photos and general assistance, including photos of Desert Tree Frog and Northern Tree Snake

Scott Thomson for supplying turtle photos

Scott Papworth for supplying Brown Snake and Anilios nigrescens photos

Dennis Desmond - for supplying various photos.

Hiroki Shibata -- Turtle Photos & Video - CHELIDPHILE (Blog)

Brian La Rance for taking me looking for reptiles in Canberra and for allowing me to use his Striped Legless Lizard (Delma impar) and various other reptile photos

All other Photographs not supplied by people mentioned above were taken by John Fowler and Rachel Barnes (Name is on those photos) however should you find any unlabeled or incorrectly labeled photographs or notice any names missing from the credits please Contact John Fowler


If your name has been accidently omitted, please let me know! - I'd love to add you :) and I can also add contact details and web site links etc if desired.


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Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia 7th Edition A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia 5th edition Edition

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