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Cyclodomorphus (was Tiliqua then Hemisphaeriodon) gerrardi

? PINK-TONGUE SKINK C yclodomorphus Tiliqua  Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi head

? PINK-TONGUE SKINK C yclodomorphus Tiliqua  Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi

This lizard is very snake like and flickers its pink tongue like a snake, Pattern is variable, some have no bands. They all usually have a black tip in the end of theit nose .

Widespread usually in rainforest and semi rainforest, this species is found in coastal Qld. and Northern NSW from Cairns to Springwood NSW . They are mainly nocturnal/ semi nocturnal and eat mainly Slugs and snails. babies are quite small and usually extremely pretty with strong banding. They are also good climbers and have a prehensile tail.


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