Covering Snakes and Lizards, Crocodiles and Turtles, including Colubrid snakes, Pythons, Elapids (called Cobras or Coral Snakes in some countries), Sea Snakes, File Snakes, Blind (or Worm) Snakes, Sea Turtles, Freshwater Turtles (or Tortoises) Dragon Lizards (Agamas), Gecko's, Legless Lizards, Monitor Lizards (often called Goanna's in Australia), Skinks and Crocodilia.


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COLUBRID SNAKES - Colubridae Homalopsidae Mud Snakes

PYTHON SNAKES - Pythonidae

ELAPID SNAKES - Elapidae Cobras Coral Snakes

SEA SNAKES - Hydrophiinae Laticaudidae Sea Kraits

FILE SNAKES - Acrochordidae

BLIND SNAKES - Worm Snakes - Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops


Colubrids & Mud Snakes




Elapid Snakes


Sea Snakes


File Snakes


Blind Snakes


TURTLES Tortoises Chelonii Testudines

DRAGON LIZARDS Agamas Agamidae


LEGLESS LIZARDS Pygopodidae Pygopods

MONITOR LIZARDS Goannas Varanids Varanidae


CROCODILES Crocodylia Crocodilia Saltwater freshwater estuarine

Turtles Tortoises

Dragons Agamas



Legless Lizards

Monitor Lizards






nsw map Reptiles of Australia

New South Wales Habitats

A Listing of New South Wales Reptiles

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Family: Agamidae (Dragons)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Amphibolurus muricatus Jacky Lizard NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Amphibolurus nobbi Nobbi Dragon NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Ctenophorus decresii Tawny Dragon NSW,SA
Ctenophorus fordi Malle Dragon NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Ctenophorus nuchalis Central netted Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Ctenophorus pictus Painted Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Diporiphora winneckei Canegrass Two Lined Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Hypsilurus spinipes Southern Angle-Headed Dragon NSW,Qld
Intellagama (was Physignathus) lesueurii Eastern Water Dragon NSW,Qld,Vic
Pogona barbata Bearded Dragon NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Pogona vitticeps Inland Bearded Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Rankinia (was Ctenophorus & Tympanocryptis) diemensis Mountain (Heath) Dragon NSW,Tas,Vic
Tympanocryptis intima Gibber Earless Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA
Tympanocryptis lineata Lined Earless Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Tympanocryptis tetraporophora Long-tailed or Eyrean Earless Dragon NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic

Family: Gekkonidae (Geckoes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Christinus marmoratus Marbled Gecko NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Diplodactylus byrnei Byrne's Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) ciliaris Spiny-tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus conspicill Fat-tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) elderi Jewelled Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus intermediu Eastern Spiny-Tailed Gecko NSW,NT,SA,Vic,WA
Diplodactylus steindachn Steindachner's Gecko NSW,Qld,SA(?)
Diplodactylus stenodacty Crowned Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus tessellatu Tesselated Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Diplodactylus vittatus Wood or Stone Gecko NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) williamsi Soft-spined or William's Gecko NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Gehyra dubia Dubious Dtella NSW,Qld
Gehyra variegata Tree Dtella (Gecko) NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Heteronotia binoei Bynoes or Prickly Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Lucasium damaeum Beaded Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Nephrurus levis Knob-Tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Oedura lesueurii Lesueur's Gecko NSW,Qld
Oedura marmorata Marbled Velvet Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Oedura monilis Ocellated or Blotched Gecko NSW,Qld
Oedura robusta Robust Gecko NSW,Qld
Oedura tryoni Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko NSW,Qld
Phyllurus platurus Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW
Rhynchoedura ornata Beaked Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Saltuarius cornutus Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld
*Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld
Underwoodisaurus milii Thick-tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Uvidicolus ( was Underwoodisaurus) sphyrurus Granite Belt (New England Tableland) Thick Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld

Family: Pygopodidae (Snake-lizards)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Aprasia aurita Eared Worm-lizard NSW(?),Vic
Aprasia inaurita Mallee Worm-lizard NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Aprasia parapulchella Granite Worm-lizard NSW
Aprasia striolata Striated Worm Lizard  NSW,NT,SA,Vic,WA
Delma butleri *Unbanded Delma NSW,NT,Qld(?),SA,Vic,
Delma impar Many-lined Delma NSW,SA,Vic
Delma inornata Patternless Delma NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Delma nasuta Sharp-snouted Legless Lizard NSW(?),NT,Qld,SA,WA
Delma plebeia Leaden Delma NSW,Qld
Delma tincta Excitable Delma NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Lialis burtonis Burton's Legless Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Pygopus lepidopodus Common Scaly Foot NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Pygopus nigriceps Black-headed Scaly Foot NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA

Family: Scincidae (Skinks)

< < <
Scientific Name
Common Name
Anomalopus lentiginosus (status unknown) Common Worm-skink NSW,Qld
Anomalopus leuckartii Two-clawed Worm-skink NSW,Qld
Anomalopus mackayi Five-clawed Worm-skink NSW,Qld
Anomalopus swansoni Punctate Worm-skink NSW
Anomalopus verreauxi Three-Clawed Worm skink NSW,Qld
Acritoscincus (was Bassiana) duperreyi Bold-striped Cool-skink NSW,ACT,SA,Tas,Vic
Acritoscincus  (was Bassiana) platynotum Red-throated Cool-skink NSW,Qld,Vic
Calyptotis ruficauda Red-Tailed Calyptotis Skink NSW
Calyptotis scutirostrum Scute-snouted Calyptotis Skink NSW,Qld
Carlia burnetti - has been renamed Lygisaurus foliorum Tree-base Litter-skink or Iridescent Litter-skink NSW,Qld
Carlia pectoralis *Open-litter Rainbow-skink NSW,Qld
Carlia schmeltzii Robust Rainbow-skink NSW,Qld
Carlia tetradactyla Southern Rainbow-skink NSW,Qld,Vic,ACT
Carlia vivax Tussock (or Lively) Rainbow-skink NSW,Qld
Harrisoniascincus (was Cautula) zia Rainforest Cool-skink NSW,Qld
Coeranoscincus reticulatus Three-toed Snake-toothed Skink NSW,Qld
Cryptoblepharus carnabyi Spiny-Palmed Shinning(Snake-eyed) Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus Callose-palmed (or Peron's) Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink WA
Cryptoblepharus virgatus Cream-striped Shinning (Snake-eyed) Skink or Wall Skink Qld
Ctenotus allotropis Brown-blazed Wedgesnout Ctenotus NSW,Qld
Ctenotus atlas Southern Mallee Ctenotus NSW,SA,WA,Vic
Ctenotus brachyonyx Short-clawed Ctenotus NSW,SA,Vic,Qld
Ctenotus eurydice Brown-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus NSW?,Qld
Ctenotus ingrami Unspotted Yellow-sided Ctenotus NSW,Qld
Ctenotus leae Orange-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Ctenotus leonhardii Leonhardi's Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Ctenotus pantherinus Leopard Ctenotus NSW(?), NT, Qld, SA, WA
Ctenotus regius Pale-rumped (or Royal) Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Ctenotus robustus Robust Striped (Ctenotus)Skink NSW, ACT, , NT, Qld, SA,Vic, WA
Ctenotus schomburgkii Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Ctenotus strauchii Eastern Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,
Ctenotus taeniolatus Copper-Tailed Skink NSW,Qld,Vic
Ctenotus uber Spotted Ctenotus WA
*Cyclodomorphus michaeli (was casuarina) Mainland She-oak Skink NSW, Vic
Lissolepis (was Egernia) coventryi *Eastern Mourning Skink NSW(?),SA,Vic
Egernia cunninghami Cunningham's Skink NSW, ACT, Qld, SA, Vic
Bellatorias (was Egernia) frerei *Major Skink NSW, Qld, NT
Liopholis (was Egernia) inornata *Desert Skink NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA
Bellatorias (was Egernia) major Skink NSW,Qld
Egernia mcpheei Skink NSW,Qld
Egernia modesta Skink NSW,Qld
Egernia saxatilis Black Rock Skink NSW,Qld(?),Vic
Egernia stokesii Stoke's Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Egernia striolata Tree Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Egernia whitii White's Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Tas,Vic
Eremiascincus fasciolatus Narrow-Banded Sand Swimmer NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic(?),
Eremiascincus richardsonii Broad-Banded Sand Swimmer NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Eulamprus heatwolei Skink NSW,Vic
Eulamprus kosciuskoi Alpine Water Skink NSW,Vic
Eulamprus leuraensis Skink NSW
Eulamprus murrayi Skink NSW,Qld
Eulamprus quoyii Eastern Water Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Eulamprus tenuis Skink NSW,Qld
Eulamprus tympanum Skink NSW,SA,Vic
Hemiergis decresiensis Skink NSW,SA,Vic
Hemiergis maccoyi Skink NSW,Vic
Hemiergis millewae Skink NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Cyclodomorphus (was Hemisphaeriodon) gerrardi Pink-Tongued Lizard NSW,Qld
Lampropholis amicula Skink NSW,Qld
Lampropholis caligula Skink NSW,
Lampropholis delicata Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Tas,Vic
Lampropholis guichenoti Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Lerista aericeps Skink NSW,NT,Qld
Lerista bougainvillii Skink NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Lerista eunctatovittata Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Lerista fragilis Skink NSW(?),Qld
Lerista labialis Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Lerista muelleri Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Lerista xanthura Skink NSW,NT,SA,WA
Lygisaurus foliorum Skink NSW,Qld
Menetia greyii Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Morethia adelaidensis Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Morethia boulengeri Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Morethia obscura Skink NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Morethia taeniopleura Fire-Tailed Skink NSW(?),Qld
Nannoscincus maccoyi Skink NSW,Vic
Niveoscincus coventryi Skink NSW,Vic
Ophioscincus truncatus Skink NSW,Qld
Proablepharus kinghorni Skink NSW,NT,Qld
Pseudemoia entrecasteaux Skink NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Pseudemoia rawlinsoni Skink NSW,NT(?),Vic
Pseudemoia spenceri Skink NSW,Vic
Saiphos equalis Skink NSW,Qld
Saproscincus challengeri Skink NSW,Qld
Saproscincus galli Skink NSW,Qld
Saproscincus mustelinus Weasel Skink NSW,Vic
Saproscincus rosei Skink NSW,Qld
Tiliqua nigrolutea Blotched Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Tiliqua occipitalis Western Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Tiliqua scincoides Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Trachydosaurus rugosus Shingle-Back NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA

Family: Varanidae (Monitors)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Varanus gouldii Gould's Goanna or Sand Monitor NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Varanus gouldii flavirufus ? Centralian Sand Goanna (arid interior)
Varanus rosenbergi Rosenberg's Heath Monitor NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Varanus tristis Black headed & Freckled Monitor NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Varanus varius Lace Monitor NSW,Qld,SA,Vic

Family Boidae (boas and pythons)
Subfamily Pythonidae (pythons)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Antaresia stimsoni Large-blotched Python NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Aspidites ramsayi Woma Python NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Morelia spilota spilota Diamond Python NSW,Vic
Morelia spilota metcalfei Inland Carpet Python NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic

Family Colubridae (Colubrid Snakes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Boiga irregularis Brown Tree Snake NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Dendrelaphis punctulata Common Tree Snake NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Tropidonophis mairii Keelback or Freshwater Snake NSW,NT,Qld,WA

Family Elapidae (Elapid Snakes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Acanthophis antarcticus Common Death Adder NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Austrelaps ramsayi Snake NSW,Vic
Austrelaps superbus Copperhead Snake NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Cacophis harriettae White-Crowned Snake NSW,Qld
Cacophis krefftii Dwarf Crowned Snake NSW,Qld
Cacophis squamulosus Golden Crowned Snake NSW,Qld
Demansia psammophis Yellow-Faced Whip Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Demansia torquata Collared Whip Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA(?)
Denisonia devisi De Vis Banded Snake NSW,Qld
Drysdalia coronoides White-Lipped Snake NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Drysdalia mastersii Masters' Snake NSW(?),SA,Vic,WA
Drysdalia rhodogaster Snake NSW
Echiopsis curta Bardick NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Furina diadema Red-naped Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Hemiaspis damelii Grey Snake NSW,Qld
Hemiaspis signata Black-bellied Swamp Snake NSW,Qld
Hoplocephalus bitorquatu Pale-headed Snake NSW,Qld
Hoplocephalus bungaroide Broad-headed Snake NSW
Hoplocephalus stephensii Stephens' Banded Snake NSW,Qld
Notechis scutatus Eastern or Mainland Tiger Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Oxyuranus microlepidotus Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan NSW,Qld,SA,Vic(?)
Oxyuranus scutellatus Taipan NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Pseudechis australis King Brown or Mulga Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Pseudechis guttatus Blue-bellied or Spotted Black Snake NSW,Qld
Pseudechis porphyriacus Red-bellied Black Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Pseudonaja modesta Ringed Brown Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Pseudonaja nuchalis Western Brown Snake or Gwarder NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Pseudonaja textilis Common or Eastern Brown Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Rhinoplocephalus nigresc Eastern Small-eyed or Short-tailed Sn NSW,Qld,Vic
Simoselaps australis Australian Coral Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Simoselaps fasciolatus Narrow-banded Burrowing Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Suta flagellum Snake NSW,SA,Vic
Suta monachus Hooded Snake NSW,NT,SA,WA
Suta nigriceps Snake NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Suta spectabilis Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Suta spectabilis dwyeri Snake NSW,Qld
Suta suta Myall or Curl Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Tropidechis carinatus Clarence River or Rough-scaled Snake NSW,Qld
Vermicella annulata Bandy Bandy (Snake) NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA


Family Acrochordidae (File Snakes)


FAMILY Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Acalyptophis peronii Sea Snake NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Aipysurus laevis Olive Sea Snake NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Astrotia stokesii Sea Snake NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Disteira kingii Sea Snake NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Disteira major Sea Snake NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Hydrophis elegans Sea Snake NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Hydrophis ornatus Sea Snake NSW,NT,Tas,Qld,WA
Pelamis platurus Yellow-bellied Sea Snake NSW,NT,Qld,Tas,Vic,WA

Family Laticaudidae (Sea Kraits)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Laticauda colubrina a sea krait NSW,Qld
Laticauda laticaudata a sea krait NSW,Qld

Family Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Ramphotyphlops affinis Blind Snake NSW,Qld
Ramphotyphlops australis Blind Snake NSW,NT,SA,Vic,WA
Ramphotyphlops batillus Blind Snake NSW
Ramphotyphlops bituberculatus Prong-snouted Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Ramphotyphlops broomi Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,
Ramphotyphlops endoterus Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Ramphotyphlops ligatus Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Ramphotyphlops nigrescen Blind Snake NSW,Qld,Vic
Ramphotyphlops proximus Blind Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Ramphotyphlops unguirost Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA

ORDER: Testudinae (Turtles)
Scientific Name
Common Name
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) expansa Broad-Shelled River Turtle NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) longicollis Eastern Snake-Headed Tortoise NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Elseya latisternum Saw-Shelled Turtel NSW,NT,Qld
Emydura krefftii Krefft's River Turtle NSW(?),Qld
Emydura macquarii Murray Turtle NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Emydura signata (was macquarii) Turtle NSW,Qld
Chelonia mydas Green Turtle NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Turtle NSW(?),NT,Qld,Tas
Natator depressus Flatback Turtle NSW(?),NT,Qld,WA
Dermochelys coriacea Leathery or Luth Turtle NSW,NT,Qld,Tas,WA


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