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Pseudechis guttatus

Highly Venomous - Extremely Dangerous

Note that this species and is very variable in pattern. It may have no spots at all or may be spotted, which is why it has 2 common names!
The Blue-bellied Black snake looks like a Common or Red-bellied black snake, however it doesn't posses the red belly colouration usually found on red bellied black snakes. Some individuals may not have much black on them at all and extreme pattern variation results in species may be mistaken for other large venomous snakes, such as the Eastern Brown Snake, Mulga Snakes (King Brown), Collettes Snake and the Red Bellied Black Snake!

SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis (guttata)  
Spotted Black Snake

Reptiles of Australia
SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis guttatus
Found east of Millmerran Qld

SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis (guttata)


SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis guttatus

This brown specimen (pictured above and below) from between Millmerran and Inglewood (Queensland) has only a small amount of speckling and could easily be mistaken for a different species - it was found crossing the road at night and is emaciated

Spotted Black Snake





SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis (guttata)
The Blue-bellied Black snake above was in my reptile collection for many years.
It was an adult when it was given to me by Bill Dunmall who had a wildlife park at Hervey Bay in Queensland.
The snake was incredibly docile, probably because it was on display and used to seeing people all the time.
It never showed the slightest sign of aggression and although I wouldn't normally freehandle dangerous snakes (which I strongly discourage), I used to freehandle this one. It was originally captured near Tara in Qld.

SPOTTED BLACK SNAKE - Pseudechis (guttata)
This snake above is a juvenile from NSW.

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