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Simalia (was Morelia) oenpelliensis

OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis
I took this photo of a very old Oenpelli Python at the Territory Wildlife park.
It was being kept off display at the time as it was showing signs of old age.
At the time it was believed to be the only Oenpelli python in captivity in the world.

  OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis distribution map
OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis
All of the photos on this page except for the last head shot at the bottom of the page were taken of the same Oenpelli Python.

OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis
The photo above gives an indication of size.
Although they can apparently grow to over 4m (13 ft)

OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis
This photo of myself holding the Oenpelli Python shows where
the snake was housed outdoors in one of the cages on the right of this photo.

OENPELLI PYTHON Morelia oenpelliensis
David Williams related the following on his tribulations in acquiring the picture of the Oenpelli.  It is from the Arnhem Land Escarpment, NT.
"Value the Oenpelli shot. 3 weeks of climbing cliffs and searching caves, and then to have the bugger literally crawl right past me while I was washing camp dishes on a creek bank... and then to have only 3 exposures left on the last roll of film!"


The footage above shows an Oenpelli Python in the wild.
The snake was captured on Indigenous Land in Arnhem Land for a captive breeding program.
The aboriginal name for this species is "Nawaran".

The first Oenpelli Python bred legally in captivity hatched on January 30th, and the second on February 5th 2015

Morelia oenpelliensis


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