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A Listing of Australian Turtles
Distribution Key

ORDER: Testudinae (Turtles)

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Emydura victoriae

Scientific Name
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Carettochelys insculpta Pig Nosed or Pitted-Shelled Turtle NT, (New Guinea)
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) burrunganjii (=walloyarrina) *Sandstone Long-necked Turtle NT,WA
Chelodina (Chelodina) canni (was novaeguineae canni) *Cann's Long-necked Turtle NT,Qld
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) expansa Broad-Shelled River TurtleNSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) kutchlingi (no longer valid = synonymised with Chelodina oblonga) *Kutchling's Long-necked Turtle (see Northern Snake-Necked Turtle ) WA
*Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis Eastern Snake-Headed Tortoise or Common Long-necked Tortoise NSW,ACT,Qld,SA,Vic
Chelodina (Macrodiremys) colliei (previously known as oblonga) *Oblong Turtle or Narrow-breasted Snake-necked TurtleWA
Chelodina (Macrochelodina) oblonga (previously known as rugosa) (Also note oblonga was previously used for a different species) *Northern Snake-Necked Turtle or Indonesian Snake-necked Turtle NT,Qld,WA (New Guinea, Indonesia and Pitcairn?)
*Chelodina (Chelodina) steindachneri Flat-Shelled TurtleWA
Chelodina (Chelodina) novaeguineae New Guinea Long-necked Turtle NT,Qld
Elseya albagula
Southern Snapping Turtle or White-throated Snapping Turtle Qld
Elseya dentata (=jukesi) Northern Snapping TurtleNT,Qld,WA
Elseya irwini (=stirlingi) *Yellow-headed Snapping Turtle Qld
Elseya lavarackorum *Gulf Snapping Turtle NT,Qld
Elusor macrurus *Mary River Turtle Qld
Emydura macquarii *Macquarie Turtle or Common Short-necked Turtle NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Emydura macquarii emmotti Cooper creek turtle SA,Qld
Emydura macquarii krefftii (=E. krefftii) Krefft's River TurtleNSW(?),Qld
Emydura macquarii macquarii (= E. macquarii signata) Brisbane Short-necked Turtle or Brisbane River Turtle
Emydura macquarii nigra Fraser Island Short-neck Turtle Qld
Emydura subglobosa subglobosa Jardine River Turtle or Red-bellied Short-necked Turtle Qld, New Guinea
Emydura subglobosa worrelli Worrell's Short-Necked Turtle NT
Emydura tanybaraga *Northern Yellow-faced Turtle NT,Qld
Emydura victoriae (= Emydura australis ) *Northern Red-faced Turtle and North-West Red-Faced Turtle NT,WA
Myuchelys (was Wollumbinia & Elseya) bellii *Namoi River Snapping Turtle or Bell's Turtle NSW
Myuchelys (was Wollumbinia & Elseya) georgesi *Bellinger River Snapping Turtle or Georges' Turtle NSW
Myuchelys( was Wollumbinia & Elseya) latisternum (=dorsii) *Saw-Shelled Turtle NSW,NT,Qld
Myuchelys (was Wollumbinia & Elseya) purvisi *Manning River Snapping Turtle or Purvis' Turtle NSW
Pseudemydura umbrina Western Swamp TurtleWA
Rheodytes leukops Fitzroy River TurtleQld
Trachemys scripta elegans * Red-eared Slider - INTRODUCED ACT,NSW,Qld (From USA)

Family: Cheloniidae (SEA TURTLES)

Note that although Sea Turtles may stray into or spend time in cooler water, the females must return to warmer climates to lay their eggs.

Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtle (All States)
Chelonia mydas japonica Green Turtle (All States)
Eretmochelys imbricata bissa Hawksbill Turtle (NSW,NT,Qld,Tas,Vic)
Lepidochelys olivacea Pacific Ridley Turtle (NT,Qld?,WA,Vic, SA?)
Chelonia depressa Flatback Turtle (NSW,NT,Qld,WA)
Dermochelys coriacea Leathery or Luth Turtle (All States)


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