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Dog Faced Water Snake

Cerberus rynchops (=australis)

This is a species of Mud Snake
Family Homalopsidae (previously Colubridae)

Cerberus rynchops -  Dog Faced Water Snake - BOCKADAM 
Australian specimen 

Cerberus rynchops -  Dog Faced Water Snake - BOCKADAM
Australian specimen 

Cerberus rynchops -  Dog Faced Water Snake - BOCKADAM
The above specimen is from East Timor - Photo by Mark O’Shea.
"Cerberus cf. rynchops. Male (USNM 573675, SVL 598 mm, TL 756 mm) from a rice paddy in the Baucau area, Baucau District.".
(Published online 2011 June 20.  doi: 10.3897/zookeys.109.1439)

Australian distribution map for Cerberus rynchops -  Dog Faced Water Snake - BOCKADAM - Reptiles of Australia

There is some debate and confusion on the taxonomy of Cerberus rynchops. Some authors place the Australian members in a seperate subspecies, C. r. australis to differentiate from the ones in New Guinea and other parts of the range through South East Asia (including India). Others place them as a seperate species, C. australis, the New Guinea snakes in C. novaeguinae and the remainder in C. rynchops.



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