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A Listing of Monitors
Distribution Key
Family: Varanidae (Monitors)


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Rusty Monitor Varanus semiremex

Subgenus Scientific Name Common Name Distribution
Odatria Varanus acanthurus Ridge-tailed Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA, SA?, NT, Qld )
Polydaedalus Varanus salbigularis albigularis *White-throated Monitor AFRICA
Polydaedalus Varanus albigularis angolensis *Angolan White-throated Rock Monitor AFRICA
Polydaedalus Varanus albigularis ionides *Black-throated Rock Monitor AFRICA
Polydaedalus Varanus albigularis microstictus *Tanzanian White-throated Rock Monitor AFRICA
Odatria Varanus auffenbergi Peacock monitor / Blue Timor Monitor Indonesia - Roti Island
Odatria Varanus baritji Black Spotted Ridge-tailed Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus beccarii Black Tree Monitor Indonesia - Aru Islands


Varanus bengalensis Bengal Monitor  Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma
Philippinosaurus Varanus bitatawa Bitatawa Monitor Philippine Islands
Odatria Varanus brevicauda Short-Tailed Pygmy Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,SA,WA )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus boehmei Golden Speckled/Spotted Tree monitor Indonesia - Waigeo Island
Euprepiosaurus Varanus bogerti Bogert's Black Tree Monitor  D'Entrecasteaux Archipelago (Northeast of New Guinea)
Odatria Varanus bushi Pilbara Pygmy Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus caeruliverens Turquoise / Blue Pinspot Monitor Indonesia - Halmahera Islands
Odatria Varanus caudolineatus Line-Tailed Pygmy Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus cerambonensis Ambon Monitor Indonesia - Ambon, Banda, Buru, Obi and Seram Islands
Soterosaurus Varanus cumingi Yellow Headed or Phillipine Water Monitor Philippines Islands - Mindanao, Bohol, Leyte, Samar, Cebu, and Basilan
Euprepiosaurus Varanus doreanus (was V. indicus kalabeck) Blue-tailed (or Kalebeck) Monitor New Guinea, New Britannia , Australia (QLD)


Varanus dumerilii Dumeril's Monitor Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
Odatria Varanus eremius Rusty Desert Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,SA,WA )
Polydaedalus Varanus exanthematicus Savannah ( or Bosc's) Monitor Africa
Euprepiosaurus Varanus finschi Finschi's Monitor New Guinea, New Ireland, Australia (QLD)


Varanus flavescens Yellow Monitor, Golden Monitor or Short-toed Monitor Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan
Varanus Varanus giganteus Perentie AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,SA,WA )
Odatria Varanus gilleni Pygmy Mulga Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,SA,WA )
Odatria Varanus glauerti Kimberley Rock Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,WA )
Odatria Varanus glebopalma Long-Tailed Rock (Black-palmed) Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,WA )
Varanus Varanus gouldii gouldii Sand Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA SA NT )
Varanus Varanus gouldii flavirufus Centralian Sand Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA SA NT )
Psammosaurus Varanus griseus Grey /  Caspian  / Indian Desert Monitor Africa, Arabian Peninsula,Turkey, Asia,Pakistan,India
Odatria Varanus hamersleyensis (split from Varanus pilbarensis) *Southern Pilbara Rock Monitor AUSTRALIA (WA -Hamersley Range)
Euprepiosaurus Varanus indicus Mangrove Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus jobiensis Sepik monitor / Peach-throated Monitor New Guinea
Euprepiosaurus Varanus juxtindicus Rennell Island Monitor Rennell Island, (Solomon Islands Archipelago)
Euprepiosaurus Varanus keithhornei Canopy Goanna AUSTRALIA ( Qld )
Odatria Varanus kingorum Pygmy Rock Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,WA )
Varanus Varanus komodoensis Komodo Dragon  Indonesian Islands of Komodo, Rintja, Gilli Montang, and Flores. (may now be extict on Pandar Island)
Euprepiosaurus Varanus kordensis (V.prasinus kordensis) Biak Tree Monitor

Indonesia (Biak Island)

Euprepiosaurus Varanus lirungensis Lirung Monitor Indonesia - Talaud Islands
Philippinosaurus Varanus mabitang Panay Monitor  Panay Island, Philippines
Euprepiosaurus Varanus macraei Blue tree / Mac Rae's monitor  Indonesia - Batanta Island
Soterosaurus Varanus marmoratus Marbled Water monitor Phillipines
Varanus Varanus mertensi Mertens' Water Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld,WA )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus melinus *Quince Monitor Sula Islands (Maluku Islands) Indonesia
Odatria Varanus mitchelli Mitchell's Water Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,WA )
Empagusia Varanus nebulosus (was bengalensis nebulosus) Clouded Monitor Burma, Thailand,Vietnam, Malayan Peninsula, Indonesia - Java
Psammosaurus Varanus nesterovi split from V. griseus caspius) *Nesterov’s Desert Monitor Iraq - Iran (border area)
Polydaedalus Varanus niloticus *Nile Monitor Africa
Soterosaurus Varanus nuchalis (was Varanus salvator nuchalis) *Spiny-neck Water Monitor Philippines  (Islands of Cebu , Ticao , Negros Panay,  and Masbate) 
Euprepiosaurus Varanus obor Sago or Torch Monitor Sanana Island - Indonesia
Philippinosaurus Varanus olivaceus Gray's Monitor Phillipines - Luzon and Catanduanes Island
Polydaedalus Varanus ornatus Ornate Monitor Africa
Varanus Varanus panoptes horni Argus Monitor New Guinea
Varanus Varanus panoptes rubidus Desert Spotted Monitor AUSTRALIA ( WA )
Varanus Varanus panoptes panoptes Northern Yellow-Spotted Monitor AUSTRALIA (NT,Qld,WA )

Varanus palawanensis (split from V. marmoratus)

Palawan Water Monitor Philippines - Palawan Island
Odatria Varanus pilbarensis *Northern Pilbara Rock Monitor AUSTRALIA (WA - Northern Pilbara)
Euprepiosaurus Varanus prasinus *Green Tree Monitor, Emerald monitor or Wyniss New Guinea & Torres Strait Islands (Qld. Australia)
Odatria Varanus primordius Northern Blunt-Spined Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT )
Euprepiosaurus Varanus rainerguentheri Guenther’s Mangrove Monitor Indonesia - Halmahera Island
Soterosaurus Varanus rasmusseni (split from marmoratus) Sulu Water Monitor Philippines - Sulu archipelago
Euprepiosaurus Varanus reisingeri Yellow Tree Monitor Indonesia - Misol Island
Varanus Varanus rosenbergi Rosenberg's Heath Monitor AUSTRALIA (NSW,SA,Vic,WA )
Empagusia Varanus rudicollis Rough-necked Monitor Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
Papusaurus Varanus salvadorii *Crocodile Monitor New Guinea
Soterosaurus Varanus salvator salvator Asian Water Monitor Sri Lanka ,Buirma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
Soterosaurus Varanus salvator macromaculatus (includes lizards previously called Varanus salvator komaini) Southeast Asian Water Monitor and Black Water Monitor Sri Lanka ,Buirma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
Odatria Varanus scalaris (split from V. timorensis ) *Spotted Tree Monitor (see Varanus similis) AUSTRALIA (Qld,WA,NT?)
Odatria Varanus scalaris/similis? ( "V. pellewensis") Red Blotched Monitor AUSTRALIA ( South Western Qld )
Odatria Varanus scalaris/similis? ("V. kuranda") Ocellated Rainforest Monitor AUSTRALIA ( North Eastern Qld )
Odatria Varanus semiremex Rusty Monitor AUSTRALIA ( Qld
Odatria Varanus similis or Varanus scalaris similis *Spotted Tree Monitor (see Varanus scalaris) New Guinea, AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld WA)
Varanus Varanus spenceri Spencer's Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT,Qld )
Odatria Varanus sparnus *Dampier Peninsula Monitor (Goanna) AUSTRALIA WA ( Kimberley area)
Euprepiosaurus ( appears to be incorrect) Varanus spinulosus Keeled Monitor Solomon Islands
Odatria Varanus storri storri Eastern Storr's Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT, Qld )
Odatria Varanus storri ocreatus Western Storr's Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT )
Soterosaurus Varanus togianus *Togian Water Monitor  Togian Island (Indonesia)
Euprepiosaurus Varanus telenesetes Rossel Island Monitor  New Guinea - Rossel Island
Odatria Varanus timorensis Timor Tree Monitor Indonesia - Timor,Sawu and Roti Island
Varanus Varanus tristis tristis Black-headed Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NT, SA, WA )
Varanus Varanus tristis orientalis Freckled Monitor AUSTRALIA ( NSW, NT, Qld, WA )
Varanus Varanus varius Lace Monitor AUSTRALIA ( SW,Qld,SA,Vic )
Polydaedalus Varanus yemenensis Yemen Monitor Arabic Peninsula
Euprepiosaurus Varanus yuwonoi *Tricolored Monitor Indonesia- Jailolo on Halmahera Island
Euprepiosaurus Varanus zugorum Zug's Mangrove Monitor Indonesia - Jailolo, Halmahera Islands, Moluccan islands,

Click on the abbreviation below to see a map of the area

CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia


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