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Reptiles of Australia
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Biology and Evolution of Crocodylians

Australian Herpetology Website (Reptiles and Amphibians)

Covering Snakes and Lizards, Crocodiles ,Turtles,and Amphibians, including Colubrid snakes, Pythons, Elapids (called Cobras or Coral Snakes in some countries), Sea Snakes, File Snakes, Blind (or Worm) Snakes, Sea Turtles, Freshwater Turtles (or Tortoises) Dragon Lizards (Agamas), Geckos, Legless Lizards Monitor Lizards (often called Goannas in Australia), Skinks and other Reptile species.


Crocodile Man - Steve Irwin

This page is dedicated to Steve Irwin
(The Crocodile Hunter)

Steve Irwin lost his life to a stingray in a freak accident, at Batt Reef near Low Island Off Port Douglas North Queensland on September 04, 2006 (aged 44)


Wildlife Warriors


Australia Zoo


Irwin's stingray death unusual: doctor
(The Age)


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